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Statement earrings by live-to-express

Everything About Statement earrings

Statement Earrings

By now you have probably seen all the different types and designs of earrings we have in our catalog. Scrolling through our shop, until a pair of earrings sparks your interest. You might want to know when a pair of earrings is called statement earrings.

Before we start, we want to say that this is a very subjective topic and there is no one-correct definition. (You will discover soon why!)

Now, that being sorted, let’s get straight to the point. At LIVE-TO-EXPRESS, we classify statement earrings when they match a combination of the following criteria: bold, unconventional size, unique materials, bright colors and a daring design. As you can see, some of these criteria are absolute, like size and materials. And some are subjective. Who decides when a design is daring or when is a size unconventional? Right?

Our criteria

Ok, let’s dive into this and further clarify our philosophy on these subjective criteria.

We can all agree that there are many different styles of designs. For example, a minimal design has most of the time clean shapes. (Round, straight lines, geometrical, etc.). And not too many different colors combined if any. If we look at classic earrings, most of us expect gold, elegant shapes, fine subtle details with soft and somewhat toned-down colors. As you can see, there already starts to form clear categories of what falls into what category.

So when an earring has many bright colors, it does not fit into the category of minimal designs. Or, if a pair of hoop earrings are bulky and do not have a round shape, we would clearly not categorize them as a pair of classic earrings.

A league on their own

And that is where statement earrings shine, they do not really fit in any of these categories. They are a league on their own. The size can be unconventional e.g. a pair of hoop earrings. Or the design is too extravagant for any other style of drop earrings.

Statement earrings are those earrings that are one step out of the boundaries of other style domains. They are items on their own. And not a pair of earrings that just accentuate a particular style. These earrings will be seen, they will make heads turn and they are unique on all fronts.

How to wear statement earrings?

At LIVE-TO-EXPRESS it is all about expressing and being your self. So, if you feel like wearing a pair because they are just rocking your day, then no one should stop you from doing so!

But, if you want to know how we like to wear them, we can share some guidelines.
There are different starting points on how to wear statement earrings.

The centrepiece of your outfit

In this scenario, we work with a pair of earrings as our starting point. Making it the main item of an outfit. From here on, we build our outfit around it. Making the earrings the most prominent piece of a look.

Mix & Match

When we do a mix and match approach, we let certain materials, colors, or patterns reoccur in other pieces of our outfit. For instance. With our Denimpearl drop earrings, you can combine this with other denim pieces. Making it one powerful look. And thus, with this approach, the earrings are more blending in with all the rest. But will defiantly tie everything together.

The magic touch

This might be one of the best examples where you can see the effect of a good pair of statement earrings.

Combining a pair of statement earrings all of a sudden pushes your look in an instance, to another level. Earrings that are so prominent, that they lead the look. So if all of a sudden you need to make your outfit count, statement earrings will do just that!

Which closing type is ideal for statement earrings?

For vintage earrings, it is quite common to see them with a clip-on closing. This originates from the 20th century, where it was considered as not done to have pierced ear lobes.

Yet, clips do still serve us with some benefits besides a solution of not having pierced ears. With a clip closing, wearing heavier earrings becomes more comfortable. And this is especially the case with statement earrings.

Most of our statement earrings are quite large and heavy. When you choose to equip these earrings with a pierced push-back closing, the chances of tearing your ear lobe are more realistic.

So, if you found a larger and or heavier pair of earrings, we would recommend going for a clip-on closing.

Now, if you want to have a deep dive into the world of earring closings types, and when to choose which, read our earring closing guide.

Go Statement, Go sustainable!

And there you have it, everything you need to know about our statement earrings. Most important of all, wear what you want to wear and be who you want to be! Now, if you are still left with questions, just reach out to us and we will be happy to answer them! You can reach out to us via our Instagram, or leave a message via our contactpage.

Want to read more? Go check out our Magazine or follow us on our social media for updates, collabs, outfits and more.


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