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    LTE ONE – Unique Sustainable Earrings

    One world, one passion, one of a kind

    – LTE ONE

    LTE ONE, a monthly drop of the most exclusive and limited statement earrings. Earrings of which there are a few, or even only one pair available.

    Each pair of earrings we release with LTE ONE is not only highly limited but also exclusive in its design. A pair of earrings which are a statement on style and sustainability. Just like all our earrings!

    Each drop will be released on the first Monday of a new month. A drop consists of a minimum of four different pairs of unique and limited statement earrings. They will be released as LTE 1LTE 2LTE 3, and LTE 4.

    The number of available pairs of each LTE ONE pair will be stated in our monthly announcement. All further information of each pair can be found on the individual product page. Want to be sure to get your hands on one of these sustainable statement earrings? Make sure to keep a close eye on our Instagram page and website.

    LTE ONE statement earrings


    1. New drop on the first Monday of a new month.

    2. A minimum of four different pairs will be released each month.

    3. Each pair of earrings is highly limited.

    4. Each new drop will be announced via Instagram.

    5. Sold out is sold out.

    6. So be quick and get your hands on a pair!

    Want to read more? Go check out our Magazine or follow us on our social media for updates, collabs, outfits and more.


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