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LIVE-TO-EXPRESS Pop-up store interior.



Our 2023 pop-up store event.

In the hearth of Antwerp, we opened our first LIVE-TO-EXPRESS pop-up event ever. A space where we have underlined what we stand for, fashion design meets sustainability. Our 2023 pop-up store event was not just a shopping destination; it was an immersive experience designed to challenge perceptions and ignite the senses —an ode to the harmony between nature and fashion.

LIVE-TO-EXPRESS Pop-up store opening day.

By a weaving labyrinthine path through the store, we disrupted the conventional shopping experience, inviting visitors to explore with open minds and receptive hearts. We champion individuality over trends, offering non-seasonal collections that empower individuals to embrace their unique style, free from the shackles of fleeting fashion dictates.


Ethical choices can be as chic as they are responsible.

With every curated collection, we strive to redefine the boundaries of fashion, proving that ethical choices can be as chic as they are responsible. LIVE-TO-EXPRESS isn’t just a brand; it’s a movement — a call to action for conscious and ethical consumers who refuse to compromise style for sustainability.

LIVE-TO-EXPRESS Pop-up store food
LIVE-TO-EXPRESS Pop-up store opening event.

A huge thanks to everyone who visited us, those who embraced the unexpected, celebrate the unconventional, and joined us in shaping a brighter future one statement piece at a time.


LIVE-TO-EXPRESS Pop-up store opening event.

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